The Reformát project is a second-hand stationery store and bookbinding workshop for the public. We are involved in direct recycling, i.e. the processing of waste material, especially paper. We produce functional and practical products, such as notepads, notebooks, cookbooks, herb books and much more. Our work focuses on sustainable development, working with secondary materials, bookbinding and, last but not least, graphic design.

The Prague brick-and-mortar store where you can find our products also includes a shared bookbinding workshop for the public. Here it is possible to get the following made: own products, orders, mock-ups and other products. The products are made on professional bookbinding machines, which are fully available to those interested. Visitors to the workshop can therefore operate the machines completely independently and unsupervised after completing a basic training course.

In addition to individual work in the workshop, we also offer our own bookbinding workshops, focused on teaching classic and lesser-known bookbindings. You can familiarise yourself with the bookbinding industry both in practical courses and through theoretical lectures. In addition to bookbinding courses, the programme includes creative courses for children and senior citizens, as well as suburban summer camps for children, lectures, screenings and many other activities.